Registered NPO (Registration Number 082-490-NPO)

“I, Ella, started Emzini Tours to uplift the community. Its aim was to give people a platform to help those in the Knysna Township with education, food, clothing, confidence, employment, self-worth and safety. Coming from an abusive background myself, I wanted to help women and children who were suffering in the same way. A safe house is what I wanted – a refuge, where women and children could go when they were in danger. Many people asked how they could help. Angelika and Olof Freiwand (Angie and Woody) helped us kick start this project, and build our first Safe House.

We then purchased a small RDP house, which donors helped us renovate, and the Khyamandi Foundation from Augusta, Georgia in the USA helped us extend to accommodate the children more comfortably.

Presently we take care of and provide for 13 children. We help many other children in the community with food and clothes and counselling. Our monthly running costs for education, clothing, food, transport and electricity for these children are high and any help towards these costs are most welcome.

We send out a regular newsletter with current information and if you would like to receive it, please email Penny at

We have two staff members at the Safe House.

Patrick (our driver)


To donate to the Safe House, please use our PAYPAL facility below: