“This was the highlight of my holiday in South Africa. Ella is an amazing, inspiring woman and together she and Penny have exposed us to the real South Africa. I feel honoured to be given the opportunity to spend time with Ella and her family. May your venture go from strength to strength. Thank you so much. Much love and many blessings always.
Gill and Graeme (Australia)

“One of the most beautiful experiences in South Africa. You are a great team and keep doing what you do – It is a very important initiative.”
Gil and Daphdo (Israel)

“Wonderful visit. Really changed the way we looked at the people, proving you don’t have to be rich to be happy, and you are rich if you are happy.
Ella the guide was also wonderful, and it’s enough to hear her laughter to be happy yourself.”
Tammy and Nissim Bitton (Israel)

“This was definitely the best part of my holiday.”
Stephanie Stott. UK.

“This tour should be compulsory, just fascinating and inspiring.”
Wendy Greaves. UK

“A fabulous experience! Everyone was very friendly. Without a doubt the most fun we have had our whole trip! Best fun I have had in SA – 100% fun!”  3.2.09
The Framnes Family. Iceland

“Thank you very much, for a taste of the South Africa we really wanted. We will recommend your tour to all we meet.”
Martin Wright. UK

“What a fantastic 3 hours. A real experience that we have enjoyed very much. We are honoured to have been welcomed so much by everyone. Thank you – Great singing from Ella and dancing too!”
Mike Boyce. UK

“Lovely afternoon filled with memories that will last forever.”
Gaynor Boyce

“Thank you so much for this fantastic tour! It’s been a highlight of our trip to South Africa and we are amazed by the great work you are doing!!”
Kristina Masson. Sweden

“Thank you very much! It was an unforgettable experience and better than we imagined! We’ve enjoyed it a lot! thank you!”
Mariane & Andres from Argentina

Danish Review by Guests (with Photo’s):
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” What an incredible story and a great eye-opening tour! Thank you both so much.”
Richard and Sue

“It was a fantastic experience to visit the township and hear the story of Ella. We hope all the best for all your projects that help so many people and children that needs it. We hope to help you from Denmark and to keep in contact with you and your valuable projects. All the best from the Danes.”
Roar and Britt Seeger

“I will never forget this, the best boxing day ever!”
Mieke and Anna from Germany

“Thanks for the great tour, we were so impressed and think you really do a good thing and can make a difference.”
Guus Van Loenen

“Thanks for a real African surprise. We enjoyed the personal touch and we especially loved the singing!”
Marcel and Karen Holla

“Thanks for a fabulous, informative day, we thoroughly enjoyed it and we will recommend it to everyone at home.”
Kate & Kieran

“Thank you for the best, and most interesting day I’ve had in South Africa so far. Absolutely FANTASTIC!”
Toni and Ray

“Thanks for all. It was a great visit to the township and to meet some people. Mama Africa is a Superstar! If she will be elected Mayor . . .
I would like to work for her!!!!”
Emilie from France.

“Thank you so much for a great experience! It was amazing. Definitely the highlight of our trip. Thank you and best of luck.”
Roisin and Maurice